Olli Huotari

Olli Huotari

Enthusiastic about product development: combining necessary technologies with get-things-done attitude. Currently excited about machine learning / AI.

  • Currently @ Helsinki / Finland
  • olli.huotari (at) iki.fi
  • +358407573855

My work history includes various IT-related posts. Those mostly consisted of figuring out what users or customers need and how to use technologies to achieve it. I’ve managed a small software team; designed, implemented and promoted web based products. Latest: CEO and Owner of Nimenhuuto.com.

Software engineering experience from two different millenniums. HTML, XML, SQL, RoR, Ruby, Python, TF, Pytorch, MVP, SUDO, RM*, LOL, WTF.

  • Various (Coursera/MOOC) courses (Machine Learning / AI / Psychology)
  • Helsinki University of Technology (TKK/Aalto) 2003 - 2009. Software Business, Strategy and International Business.
  • Exchange Student, Griffith University, Australia, 2006. Business and marketing studies.